Patients who are able are required to make their own arrangements to attend appointments or treatment.  Only if there is a medical need will a home visit or transport to hospital be arranged.

There are membership schemes (shown below) for the elderly and frail to take passengers to pre-booked destinations. These are often for medical appointments, but can also be for other reasons.
Alternatively options include: taxi, public transport, self-help (own vehicle or driven by friends or family).

Transportation to and from Hospital appointments
The Patient Transport Service provides transport 7 days a week for patients in cases of medical need for outpatient appointments, admissions, discharge and transfer.

It is only made available to those who meet strict eligibility criteria based on Department of Health Guidance.  If required and identified by your GP for your first hospital clinic appointment your GP’s secretary will authorise and book your transport. Further requests for transport must be identified and authorised by the Consultant or Allied Health Care Professional who is treating you.